Basement Problems That Can Cause Emergency Water Damage Removal

water damage minneapolisFlooding in the basement affects far too many homes. It is one of the issues that property owners have to deal with. Water will always flow downward because your basement is the lowest level of your home. Because water has the simplest access to your basement, it will be the first place you look for water in the event of a tragedy. Basements are vulnerable to floods from weather-related reasons, burst pipes, and leaky water heaters. Even though it is a usual occurrence, flooding in the basement can be daunting and frightening.

Water Damage In Minneapolis

1. Improperly Sealed Basement

Water will easily leak into your basement if it is not properly sealed. The sealant can disintegrate with time, which allows the water from the ground to flow into the basement. If you find water entering your house when it rains, it is most likely due to a leaking basement. Look for signals there is water damage in your foundation wall, such as cracking, peeling, bubbling, and warping. If any of these indications appear, you should have your basement inspected.

2. Cracks In Your Foundation

Your property’s foundation is likely to crack as it settles over time. Water leaks result from cracks in the foundation. The most common cause of diagonal and vertical foundation fractures is shifting in the concrete foundation. Horizontal foundation cracks are frequently a sign of a more serious issue. Water pressure outside the walls is a common source of these kinds of cracks. You can always use a  sealant to fix small cracks, but anything larger should be fixed by an expert. If you ignore basement cracks, you risk floods in your basement.

3. Clogged Gutters

Although clogged rain gutters may appear to be harmless, they might cause water or flood damage in your home basement. Gutters are crucial for diverting water away from your house and keeping your basement dry. Clogs can occur when dirt, leaves, branches, and other material accumulate in gutters. Water will start overflowing, pour down the side of your house, and collect around the foundation. Water will leak into your foundation if the ground around your house becomes too wet. To maintain your gutters clean and clear them regularly, and also inspect them twice a year.

4. Sump Pump Failure

Your basement sump pumps are used to remove excess water from the area surrounding your property. They are effective tools that prevent basement flooding, but if they malfunction, extensive water damage may result. In case your sump pump fails, it is good to have a backup sump pump, whether powered by a generator or battery-operated, which will provide additional security.

Contact the Water Damage Cleanup Experts

When your property basement floods because of outside water, sump pump failure, or a burst pipe, the water damage cleanup experts at 24 Restore react quickly to dispatch certified and experienced professionals who can effectively remove the water in the area affected to minimize the damage. Our crew has the necessary training and equipment to ensure that your house is completely dry, preventing mold and structural damage in the long run. For water damage in Minneapolis, call our professionals right away.