Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Ahhhh… fall and football are just around the corner. I AM NOT rushing summer to be over by any means, but after weeks of playing in the sun, you may wish to do some simple home maintenance on a cloudy afternoon to stay ahead of things!

1) Help prevent a fire or smoke damage by:

  • Maintaining Dryer Ducts – Lint that gets trapped in ducts poses a risk for fire. Remove each end of the duct and vacuum with a wet/dry vac.
  • If a furnace is part of your air-conditioning system, check the filter. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Clean underside of range hood and clean or replace filter(s).

2) Help prevent a water damage and the longevity of your appliances by:

  • water damage minneapolisClean condenser coils or fins beneath or behind refrigerator, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Check to be certain there is adequate air flow around the appliances.
  • Check dishwasher filters, seals and water lines.
  • To minimize water hammer, a banging noise in pipes, shut off the incoming water to your home, open the highest and lowest faucets, valves or outdoor faucet, and drain all water from pipes to restore air cushions in the plumbing systems.

Here are a few more projects that are ideally undertaken in or around August before the Minnesota weather gets too cold.

Wash Window Coverings

Outdoor irritants like pollen may have built up on curtains after a season of open windows. Have all drapes washed or dry-cleaned.

Prevent Powdery Mildew

Thin out crowded branches to increase air circulation. If signs are already there, pick off affected parts and throw in the trash to avoid inviting spores back into your garden.

Eliminate Pest Magnets

Move items touching your house’s siding, like firewood, tools, and toys, which create a haven for bugs and mice.