24Restore’s Annual Restoration Olympics 2017

Yesterday we kicked off the day with our 4th annual team-building event, The Restoration Olympics! If only every morning could start out with this much fun! Most of our Team Members say this is their favorite event that 24Restore does for them. Being an emergency based company that works around the clock (365 days a year) helping people when struck with a disaster (like a water damage, smoke damage and Fire damage) is not an easy job to say the least, so now and again we all come together and have some restoration (for the soul) FUN!  

2 months ago the teams were chosen so they would have time to prep and prepare for the challenges of the event! We had 6 teams this year: The Pink Stix, Purple Rain, The Blue Angels, Cash Money, Yellow Jackets and Orange Crush!  

Awards were given to the best costume design and to the winning group of the Olympics! This year the winners were PURPLE RAIN for best costume and the PINK STIX for kicking some serious restoration butt through the challenges! All the TEAMS looked great and did an outstanding job! The only time I saw someone not smiling and laughing like crazy was when they had their “GAME FACE” on!!! 😉

The Restoration Olympic Games ended around 10am. After all that hard work The Teams would certainly need refueling… and what better way than the AMAZING FOOD from Britos Taco Truck! Thank you Brito! 


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You can see the full album of pictures from our 4th annual Restoration Olympics on 24Restore’s Facebook page!