24Restore Welcomes 2 New Project Managers To The Team!

Meet Josh Dehnke!

Josh joined the 24Restore team late this summer. He says he has really enjoyed learning about the company and is happy to be a part of it all. Helping property owners restore their homes and businesses after a water, smoke or fire damage is not an easy job but definitely has many rewards.

Josh grew up in Wisconsin and currently lives in Shoreview with his 6-year-old son Jameson. They love going on any kind of adventure together.

Fun facts about Josh!

  • He used to jump out of planes for the military
  • His favorite snack is Twix washed down with a Mountain Dew
  • His dream vacation is in Australia
  • He would love to learn how to play the guitar
  • He hates onions

Meet Beau Parker!

Beau also joined the 24Restore team towards the end of this last summer. When Beau is not helping restore homes and businesses from water damage, smoke damage, fire damage or storm damage he enjoys hunting, lifting and wrestling. 24Restore has a few team members with the same interests so needless to say Beau fit in great right from the beginning!  Beau grew up in Troy Pennsylvania and currently lives in Plymouth.

Fun Facts about Beau:

  • Favorite food is steak
  • Least favorite food is Scallops
  • Dream vacation is to go to the Olympics
  • Dream car is a Chevelle SS
  • One day he would love to learn French
  • If he could meet anyone living or dead it would be – Abe Lincoln, Dan Gable and Donald Trump