24 Hour Restoration Tips to Avoid Water & Flood Damage


Many household appliances are prone to creating water damage and may require water restoration services and clean-up. Homeowners are well-advised to check their appliances regularly, including dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Even a small leak can cause tremendous water flood damage. 24 Hour Restoration of Minneapolis can help repair your home when your appliances fail, and cause water damage.

Exterior Maintenance

To help avoid the need for restoration services, there are many things a homeowner can do to prevent water damage. Homeowners should maintain their exterior gutters and downspouts, checking for leaves and debris that might build up over time. Also, extend your downspouts 10 feet from the house so groundwater can’t settle back into your home, causing flood damage. Lastly, the angle of your yard should direct excess water away from your home’s foundation, keeping water damage from seeping inside.

Roof Leaks

A water damage study by the Institute for Business & Home Safety cited roof leaks as the most frequent source of home water damage and cause for cleanup service fees. The roof leak is even more common in areas like Minnesota where freezing weather is common. 24 Hour Restoration recommends getting a detailed professional inspection to identify areas of weakness in your roofs façade, and then make repairs as needed.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are also common areas for water damage to your home. Builders commonly use sealants in window and door frames to protect against water damage. But those seals only last several years and need to be replaced. 24 Hour Restoration in Minneapolis knows that checking water damage problem areas is the best way to prevent excess water from seeping in. A fast check can save lots of money on water damage cleanup costs for your family.

Staying proactive against the harsh seasonal weather of Minnesota is the best step towards water & flood damage defense. But the 24 Hour Restoration Team knows it isn’t possible to safeguard 100% from water damage affecting your home. So take a few quick moments to check your home’s risk areas. It could mean the difference between low-cost repairs and expensive water & flood damage cleanup.