24 Hour Mold Testing

Part of any successful water damage restoration plan is a thorough and expedient mold damage test that can isolate areas at risk, as excess water from flooding or burst pipes can expose your home to mold contaminants following water damage restoration.

24Restore’s mold testing system will identify airborne mold spores within your home. Gone unchecked, exposure to mold-contaminated areas can cause adverse health risks, such as respiratory illness, allergic reactions, mycotoxin poisoning, and fungal infections.

Even minor mold growth can increase rapidly if moisture levels aren’t reduced and the initial mold debris isn’t disposed of quickly. While mold damage can be discovered easily enough on fabrics, furniture, walls, and floors, a common risk area is inside a home’s air ducts where it cannot be seen and often homeowners are unaware they have a mold issue.

If you suspect water damage has put your home at risk for mold contamination, call the water restoration technicians at 24Restore today for a mold testing and mold removal consultation.