24 Hour Methamphetamine Clean-Up Services Minneapolis

Our team will safely, discreetly and professionally clean your property after any traumatic experience.

Methamphetamine Cleanup

24Restore offers remediation services for properties exposed to methamphetamine production. Though law enforcement will process and remove methamphetamine offenders, they’ll often leave lab-related debris and equipment for the property owner to transport.

As a result, property owners are left with chemical remnants which may have contaminated surfaces, sinks, ventilation systems, and upholstery.

These contaminants pose a real danger to residents.

Let 24Restore handle the methamphetamine clean-up rehabilitation of your distressed property following methamphetamine exposure.

Contact 24Restore 24 hours a day for a same-day remediation consultation.

Additional trauma services by 24Restore include:

During your difficult situation, we promise to be reasonable in our pricing and work to bill your insurance carrier directly at no charge to you.