Fire Damage Contents Cleaning Service

Contents Cleaning Service

One service that sets 24Restore apart from our competitors is our contents refurbishing and cleaning services. Whether it’s your TV, dishes, stemware, or family heirlooms, you’d be surprised the options you have after fire damage impacts your home.

That’s because 24Restore has an unparalleled, state-of-art facility that caters to the specific cleaning demands for fragile and cherished belongings.

No other reconstruction services provider boasts the capabilities that we have to take fire damaged and smoke damaged items and bring back their original luster.

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Fire Damage Contents Inventory Service

One of the scariest aspects of suffering from fire and smoke damage is the fear that priceless items have been lost and cannot be replaced.

24Restore understands that concern and offers content inventory services, which help you get a fast and accurate estimate of where your items are and in what condition they are in. And 24Restore will never arbitrarily dispose of anything, EVER, without getting your consent for disposal.

Additionally, our inventory technicians will take a detailed photographic inventory of your belongings and verify that your most important items are accounted for during a fire damage restoration.

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Fire Damage Contents Pack-Out Service

In the aftermath of fire damage and flood damage, homeowners need access to whatever items can be salvaged. 24Restore offers content pack-out, cleaning, and storage services to quickly inventory, move, clean, and dry your belongings. Your items are in our secure, climate controlled storage facility.

As an important service that 24Restore offers, our moving technicians are careful to swiftly inventory, pack and move your contents immediately following your hardship. The contents pack-out process is seamless and worry-free. It will help speed up the fire damage restoration of your property, as your material items will not be exposed during renovations or left to impede our professional technicians.

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Fire Damage Laundry Service

24Restore offers laundry services for clothing that has been exposed to fire damage and smoke damage.

Instead of worrying about access to clean clothing immediately following a housing trauma and during your fire damage restoration, 24Restore will help arrange for a supply of clothing to be available for you and your family.

Our laundry technicians can clean all types of garments and will have two weeks of clothing available to you within 24 hours.

The 24Restore laundry service can handle it all.

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Fire Damage Contents Storage Service

An important question after housing trauma like fire damage is determining where your belongings will go while your home is undergoing fire damage restoration services.

24Restore offers climate controlled contents storage, offering a dedicated warehouse for the safe storage of your most prized possessions.

The facility is a dedicated locale that guarantees that homeowners possessions are safe and secure until they are returned.

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