10 House Cleaning Tricks That Make Cleaning Less Of A Chore

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The essential first step to making your housecleaning a routine instead of a chore is getting organized. If your cleaning supplies are shoved into cabinets and scattered throughout your house, you’ll find yourself running hinder and yon for this and that, wasting precious energy and time that could be better spent on cleaning that tub or mopping that floor. An easy way to organize is by recycling a shoe organizer by hanging it over the back of the door of the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. Supplies that you only use in a particular area of the house should be kept in that area; supplies that can be used anywhere should be placed in the utility room.

Repurpose a drill!

We all know that drills can be used with pads to buff the wax job on a car, but did you know you can do the same for scrubbing the mold, mildew, grunge, and grime off a tub? Put a scrub brush on the end of it, and it will save you some elbow grease.

Let the steam work for you!

If you are faced with a microwave that is coated in grease and splatters of caked on food, fill a microwavable container with water and microwave on high for 4 minutes to get it to boiling temperature. Let the steaming container sit in the microwave for a few minutes. The steam will loosen the baked on particles making it a breeze to clean. Wipe the interior of the microwave down with a vinegar soaked cloth, and clean up is a breeze!

Wash your windows with vinegar and dry with paper towels!

If you are used to fighting the grime on your windows with traditional soap and water, you are likely to see streaks. For a hassle-free streak-free shine, add vinegar to a bucket of water and wash with a cotton cloth. To dry the window, wipe it off with a newspaper.

Sanitize toys in a flash!

If you have plastic toys at your house that need a good cleaning, and you don’t have time to sanitize them one at a time, we have the perfect solution! Put them all in a laundry bag; these mesh bags are usually used for the unmentionables, but they are perfect for collecting dirty toys and protecting them during the wash cycle. You can put them in the washing machine or even the dishwasher. The dishwasher has a higher heat and can sanitize even teething toys, building blocks, or fast food issue toys.

Capture the dust bunnies in a pillowcase!

If you haven’t cleaned your ceiling fan lately, there is a good chance that dust bunnies have collected on the blades. To prevent the bunnies’ shedding in your face while you try to dust, sheath the blade in a pillowcase and then wipe. The dust bunnies are captured inside the pillowcase like magic!

Clean your iron quickly!

If you use starch often, you will notice that residue builds up on your iron. If you happen to scorch a shirt, your iron needs cleaning for sure. Chances are that you have your iron cleaner already in your kitchen. Sprinkle salt liberally onto a brown paper bag, if you have one. Then, just iron away. The salt will collect the gunk as you iron.

Shedding pets? NO PROBLEM!

If your carpet is furrier than your pet, chances are it’s shedding season. It may seem like a nightmare to clean your carpet, but you can do it efficiently using a squeegee. Rake the squeegee across the carpet and the pet hair is collected quickly.

How to wash your pillows!

If you have stained pillows, you might not think of tossing them in the washing machine, but you should. A mixture of hot water, borax, and bleach will return them to their original color. Put a couple of tennis balls inside socks and to wash and dry with the pillows. It will help them be fluffy when dried in the dryer.

Hydrogen Peroxide cleans almost everything!

If you aren’t already a fan of hydrogen peroxide, you should be. This stuff works for lots of unexpected household tasks. You can clean everything from your toilet bowl to the cutting boards in the kitchen. Replace the traditional top with a spray dispenser and use it as a cleanser and disinfectant everywhere in your house!

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